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"We would like to give you a daily satisfying experience of living well the moments you spend sitting, at home as well as in public areas, with comfortable italian chairs of certified quality. You can choose your favourite style, design, colours and materials all at an accessible price."

Lo staff di Peressini Casa

A family tradition

In 1953, our father Giacomo Peressini founded the family company “FRATELLI PERESSINI” specialised in the manufacturing of chairs, tables and complements. From the father to his children, Michele and Marco, passion for furniture creation and love for style carries on and has now developed into the new brand, “PERESSINI CASA”. Nowadays “PERESSINI CASA” stands for tailor-made Italian style, that only a long tradition of craftsmanship experience, the obsession for quality and care for details, combined with creativity, talent and design competences can deliver.

Top quality made in Italy

Thanks to an amazingly wide range of finishing and colours, top quality materials and design styles, we offer to our customers the experience of creating their personal pieces of furniture made in Italy, certified. When our customers feel fully well in their dwelling, surrounded by their own style, at their ease in the unique personal beauty of their living, then we are satisfied. Because, as our motto says, our mission is to contribute to the beauty of their home.


The unique story of a unique territory.

PERESSINI CASA” is based in Corno di Rosazzo in the outskirts of Udine, Italian North-East, in the very heart of the famous Chair Triangle, one of the most important and historical districts in the world of furniture industry and the most important one for design and production of chairs. Surrounded by gentle hills called “COLLIO” blessed by nature for the production of worldwide famous wines, protected Northbound by the Alps and influenced Southbound by the Adriatic Sea, Corno di Rosazzo is the perfect place where unique pieces can come to life.

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